March 08, 2012

Wang Cai Si Penunggu Setia

Comel & mengagumkan! Haiwan pun pandai utk setia dan patuh pd tuannyer....sanggup tungu tuan dia pegi dan balik keja dihadapan sebuah bank di China. Wang Cai anjing comel ni memang mempunyai habit 'menunggu' sejak dulu lagi sebelum dipelihara oleh tuan barunyer, mungkin dah terbiasa begini ketika bersama tuan lamanyer dulu. Nak tau info lanjut bleh baca dibawah nie....................


Wang Cai was a homeless dog found wandering on the streets of Chongqing, China, four years ago, when a kind soul decided to adopt him. Ever since, he has been accompanying his new owner to work every morning and waited outside patiently for the next 8 hours, only to return home in the evening. According to the dog’s master, the behavior perplexed him at first, since he didn’t really train Wang Cai to do anything of the sort. The owner suspects that the dog might be waiting for his previous master, but he has no issues with the strange behavior.

he locals, however, are fascinated with Wang Cai’s unwavering loyalty. He’s being hailed as the Chinese version of Hachiko, the world-famous Japanese dog that waited for his deceased owner for 13 long years outside the Shibuya Train Station, Tokyo. Although Hachiko died in 1935, his faithfulness is still remembered by many. A dog’s loyalty is truly an incredible thing.

A dog named Wang Cai spends most days waiting outside the doors of a bank from 9am until 5pm, moving little, not accepting food, and chasing away other dogs from his “roost.”

Nobody knows just when exactly Wang Cai began his daytime vigil in front of the Minsheng bank, but one street sweeper has seen the dog nearly everyday for the past two years. A bank security guard also reported seeing the dog, but noted that he seldom saw it waiting after 5pm.

Many pedestrians who frequent the area assumed the dog was homeless until they noticed it was clean everyday, would wear fashionable winter “jackets” and had his hair trimmed in the summertime. Wang Cai does indeed have a home, and his daily 9-5 vigil just so happens to coincide with his owner’s schedule, who works nearby.

Wang Cai was once homeless, and was found wandering outside 4 years ago when he was adopted by his new family — a possible explanation for his outdoorsy personality.

Henceforth he accompanies his owner to work in the morning, waits stoically for 8 hours, and returns in the evening. The owner isn’t quite sure if Wang Cai is waiting for him or a previous master.

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