April 10, 2012

Bayi Hanyut Di Mangkuk Tandas

Sadis & menyedihkan. Ibu mengandung yg TER melahirkan bayinya lalu ter flushed bayinya ke dlm tandas awam ketika suaminya menunggu diluar tandas. Anggota kecemasan terpaksa memecahkan tandas dalam operasi menyelamat. Pun begitu, bayi tersebut ditemui dalam keadaan kritikal.


A desperate emergency rescue was launched after a pregnant woman gave birth squatting above a public toilet, but in a horrifying twist, lost the baby when it was accidentally flushed away.

Rescue workers had to rip out the toilet and crack waste pipes to find the tiny newborn baby.

According to witnesses, the woman went into the toilet in Zhaoyang District, Beijing and asked her husband to wait outside.
But when she gave birth to a baby, hovering over the toilet, the baby dropped into the toilet and was accidentally flushed down by waste water.

At first the firefighters could not locate the baby, but as they tore up more of the tiled flooring, they located the tiny newborn fifteen minutes later.

The baby is currently in a critical condition. - Asiantown.net

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