April 25, 2012

Untuk Isteri Solehah

Seorang perempuan tua Arab ada menasihatkan anaknya pada hari perkahwinannya:

"Oo my daughter! You are leaving the home in which you were brought up for a house in which you brought up for a house unknown to you and to a companion unfamiliar to you. Be a floor to him, he will be a roof to you; be a soft seat to him, he will be a pillar for you; and be like a slave girl to him and he will be a slave boy to you. Avoid inopportune behaviour, least he should be bored with you; and be not aloof lest he should become indifferent to you. If he approaches you, come running to him; and if he turns away, do not impose yourself upon him. Take care of his nose, his eye and his ear. Let him not smell except a good odour from you; let not his eye see you except in an agreeable appearance; and let him hear nothing from you except nice, fine words" - (Imam al-Ghazzali).

Apabila si suami memberikan pemberian dalam apa sahaja bentuk, adalah menjadi tanggungjawab si isteri untuk menghargai pemberian suami itu. Si isteri tidak boleh meminta-minta hadiah daripada si suami yang melebihi daripada kemampuannya. Jika mendapat hadiah walaupun yang kecil sahaja, isteri hendaklah menghargainya dan tidak mengkritik-kritik bentuk hadiah itu.

Dalam pepatah Arab ada menyebut: "Accept the little I may give you, my love for you will grow deeper, and raise not your voice in my presence, especially when I am in a moody crisis" - (Imam al-Ghazali).

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