September 04, 2012

Bersedia Untuk Mengandung Lagi

Ingat lagi tak lelaki perempuan nie? Dia adalah lelaki yg asalnyer wanita (gambar model cun bwh sekali). Lawa kan masa wanita dulu?? Lawa. Sendiri tanya sendiri jwb. Kini Thomas telah berpisah dgn teman wanita sebelum ini dan memiliki teman wanita baru seperti dlm gambar.

Katanyer dia bersedia utk mengandung lagi kalau teman wanita barunyer nie tak dpt melakukannyer. Hurm....mcm² dunia akhir zaman nie........berita lanjut bleh baca artikel dibawah.


He shocked the world when he was pictured clutching his baby bump four years ago. Thomas Beatie went on to become the first man in the world to give birth – and then produced a further two children.

Sadly for the 38-year-old, his marriage to the mother of his three children– Susan, four, Austin, three, and Jensen, two – broke down earlier this year. But after finding new love, Thomas reveals he wants MORE kids.

This time Thomas, who had a sex change 15 years ago but kept his womb, hopes it won’t be him carrying the baby. But if Amber struggles to get pregnant he’s more than happy to do it all again himself.

Speaking exclusively to the Sunday Mirror, Thomas says: “Amber and I are totally smitten. We would love kids ­together and we’re already discussing it.

“I would love another girl so I have two of each. But any kid is a blessing.”

If all goes to plan and Amber does get pregnant, Thomas says that having been through it all himself he’ll be able ­to empathise with her if she suffers from morning sickness or has cravings for strange food.

“Being pregnant was the most ­incredible experience, but we want Amber to do it this time around,” he says. “I think it would be amazing to experience ­pregnancy as the father.” -

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