July 25, 2013

Stoking Bulu Roma

Suka pakai stoking tak? Suka? OK....kat bawah ni ada stoking yg baru diperkenalkan oleh negara China kpd para wanita diluar sana bagi mengelakkan diri anda menjadi perhatian dan gangguan lelaki. Belilah sepasang utk korang. Aku taknak. Lelaki tengok pun tak bernafsu. Yer ke? Geli plak aku tengok sarung kaki berbulu mcm nie...........isskkk. Camana nak pakai. Itulah cantiknyer Islam suruh tutup aurat elok², cantik dan tak buruk mata memandang. Tak payah susah² pakai stoking bulu roma mcm ni bagi mengelakkan gangguan dan rogol........


It might seem like the androgynous fashion trend taken too far, but a Chinese company’s new ‘hairy leg’ hosiery hopes to help women ward off unwanted male attention.
A photograph posted to the Shanghai-based website ChinaSMACK shows a model from the waist down wearing the on-trend stockings.

A caption below touts them as the perfect 'summertime anti-pervert' device and 'essential for young girls going out’.

It does not state where shoppers can find the garment and internet searches prove fruitless.

The image of the tights has triggered hundreds of responses from amused and horrified viewers.

‘Damn, so disgusting!’ commented one.

‘Essential for the subway?’ said another.
One highlighted how the pants could backfire: ‘This will not only prevent against perverts, it’ll definitely also result in preventing handsome guys from approaching you.

‘When things go to the extreme, they can only go the opposite direction!’
And some suggested that not shaving could be a cheaper alternative.

The product is reminiscent of a range of textured lace tights released by J.Crew in 2010, which unfortunately made the wearer’s legs look furry.

Yahoo wrote of the product: 'Channel your inner hippie! And hey, these tights are probably even warmer than actual leg hair.'

One commentator pointed out that they would be 'great for Halloween, but pretty gross otherwise'.

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