December 07, 2013

Perayaan misteri Agama Voodoo di Benin, Africa

Dibawah adalah gambar perayaan agama Voodoo yg dilakukan pd setiap tahun, di Benin Afrika Barat. Permulaan majlis dimulakan dengan penyembelihan kambing, dan disertai pelbagi aktiviti termasuk tarian, makan-minum, dan pelbagai aktiviti pemujaan lagi menurut kepercayaan mereka. Seram n geli pulok aku tengok rupa dorang ni...nak2 kostum yg menutup kesemua rupa tu.

Voodoo Festival -- Benin
Voodoo (or vodun) has been an official religion in Benin since the 1990s. Since then, there has been an annual festival in its honor.
Voodoo originates in West Africa and followers believe in one supreme being and other lesser divine beings, and that the world of the living and the world of the dead are intertwined.
The Voodoo Festival takes place every January in the city of Ouidah, the historic center of voodoo worship, with main festivities located on the beach.
It's Benin's most colorful and vibrant event, featuring voodoo dolls, horse racing on the beach, as well as dancing and drinking.
The festival starts with the supreme priest ceremony, where a goat is slaughtered in honor of the spirits. It's also famous for the drinking of gin, which can come in handy for the faint-hearted.
 - cnn
Benin's voodoo festival is held every year and is the west African country's most vibrant and colourful event. It features voodoo dolls and devotees in animal skins chanting and dancing to drumbeats, as well as horse racing on the beach and food and drink -

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